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Jeff varner, PRINCIPAL

Jeff varner, PRINCIPAL

Welcome Letter

Parkside Elementary is more than a building that houses children and staff. We are not an “institution”. We are a community of parents, students, and staff. We truly believe that it takes a village to educate our kids properly.
Our first priority is your child’s safety. Our parents trust us to keep their children safe and we take pride in keeping our students safe. Our students and staff are respectful towards each other. Every child is to be respected, in turn, every child is respectful towards adults and other children.
The Parkside Staff is highly qualified to teach our children. However, each staff member was hired based on their commitment to supporting and educating our children. Our staff will go the extra distance to make sure that our students’ needs are met.
 Parkside has a very detailed curriculum that is Common Core State Standards based.  Our students are assessed at frequent intervals, the result of the assessment is shared with each student, learning goals are set between the teacher and student, and each child is taught based on the results of our assessments.  All of our students aspire to be academically proficient, and they are recognized for that achievement.
Thank you, Parkside families, for partnering with us on our journey to educating your children.
Parkside kids are truly the best kids in the world and they will proudly tell you that Parkside Elementary School Rules!!!

Basic Expectations

Parents and caregivers, thank you for being an important part of your child’s education. Because you are an important part we wanted you to know the expectations and procedures that we have for your child here at school. Please help us by going over these rules with your child.

  • We walk in the hallway in a safe line behind our teachers.
  • We are respectful to our teachers and listen and do everything that they tell us to do.
  • If somebody tries to hurt us we tell our teacher immediately. We do not fight at school. Fighting is not tolerated. If your child gets into a fight or hits back in anger they will be suspended and you will be asked to come to school for a conference. We have many adults supervising and students can write on a classroom agenda if somebody is disrespectful to them. We take respect for others very seriously here at Parkside.
  • We are respectful to the adults and fellow students at school.
  • When we line up in the hallway for lunch we stay in line with our class and continue not to touch other students. We can talk in line but we use a low voice like we do in the library.
  • Once in the cafeteria we get our food, say thank you to the person who gave us our food and sit at the table with our class number on it. We can get up from the table when our teacher excuses us.
  • We always walk in the hallways so that we do not fall or run into other students.
  • If we are sent to the office for negative behavior you will be contacted and asked to talk to your child to correct the negative behavior.

See you soon,
Jeff Varner

Jeff Varner